Wedding Documentaries

Erica is passionate about bringing her documentary filmmaking skills to weddings. In addition to documenting the happenings of the wedding day and interviewing family members at the event, Erica meets with the couple before the special day and interviews them on camera to discover the heart of the partnership -- the storyline of the film.  The couple receives a final 30-60 minute documentary of their wedding and love to be enjoyed for generations. Please call or email to discuss your wedding details and receive a price list.   


John and Lin share their commitment and deep love at Deer Park Villa. Together they show what happiness truly is. 

Jessica Deputy and Lindsey Bischel wed on a poetically rainy day in an equally poetic setting. The couple and the guests are exuberant due to the couple's extraordinary tale. 


David Woolf and Alyssa Koomas get married on a beautiful farm in Vermont. Picturesque setting sets the tone for this film about love.


Nicole and Aaron get married at a beautiful golf course in Riverside. Together, with their daughter Stella, they celebrate love, life and family.

I LOVE the video! Truly a work of art.
— Lin Ferrell
Erica is highly skilled in filming/editing and also with people. Through interviews with the couple, interviews with family members, and beautiful footage from the wedding day, Erica’s films tell the story of a wedding day contextualized in the greater story of a couple’s life and love, producing a very organic, authentic film that documents one of the most meaningful steps in many peoples lives. Her films ultimately tell powerful stories of love. We didn’t realize how important this film would be to us until after we received it. We will treasure it always!
— Lindsey Bischel-Deputy
Erica is a superbly intuitive filmmaker and a pleasure to work with. She captured intimate moments with our family and friends and created a film that I know we will come back to for years to come to recall the magic and love of our wedding day. Her work is priceless.
— Alyssa Koomas